Charlie Griffin

Pipe Freezing & Building Services Team: Charlie Griffin

A warm welcome to Charlie Griffin, our latest qualified plumber.

He is part of our Mechanical Services, Pipe Freezing Services and more.

Charlie Griffin

What made you want to become a plumber?
I always wanted to work in a trade, and I knew becoming a plumber is a life-long skill. I find that the technology is always developing and that interested me. Plus, it’s a sociable job – you get to interact with people.

Why was IDWe Ltd the right fit for your new role?
I liked being part of a team and I had heard of IDWe Ltd through their reputation locally.

What’s your average day?
The scale of the work changes daily, as I get to work on large corporate companies that need our help.

How do you see the next few months progressing?
Using my transferable skills, I will support the team to deliver for our clients.

Describe yourself in 3 words 😊
Meticulous, team player and motivated.

Hear what Ian Wilford, our Managing Director had to say about Charlie joining the team:

“I am proud of Charlie, he’s hardworking and has fitted right in with the team.
He is experienced enough to work alone and quickly has become an valuable team member.”


Charlie Griffin