Lighting installation at Plaisterers’ Hall

Thanks to a recommendation from Whitwam AV Integration, IDWe Ltd was approached by Plaisterers’ Hall to undertake a lighting installation including the design and commissioning of a new lighting scheme as part of their Enrichment Project. The Project was to see a complete overhaul of the entrance hall for it to accurately reflect the rest of the internal architecture and work of the plasterers within Plaisterers’ Hall.

As part of the wider Project, the new entrance had a new bespoke and completely handmade domed plaster ceiling created. IDWe’s task was to maximise the impact of this stunning new feature using an expertly designed RGBW LED lighting installation.

There was an existing chandelier within the reception, which was to be re-furbished and re-positioned in the centre of the dome. A smaller chandelier was also commissioned and manufactured above the main doors within the reception area. As part of the job, IDWe supplied and installed the dimmable LED “plaster in downlights” within the reception around the new smaller chandelier as well as 2 larger Erco Quintessence 18W LED fittings to light up the staircase. The RGBW LED installed around the dome is actually made up of small 300mm fittings, daisy chained together to enable the LED to wash the dome with light.

The original plan was to have just the RGBW LED on a Casambi system, to dim and change the colour of the LED as desired, with the rest of the new lighting on switches. IDWe suggested the new Casambi network was extended to all of the new lighting within the reception, enabling the new downlighters, chandeliers and RGBW LED to be dimmed and scenes to be set within the reception for different events within The Great Hall. This was agreed and all of these lights are now controlled via the Casambi lighting application on a new tablet installed within a cupboard in the reception. Onsite engineers and IDWe also have remote access to the new lighting within the reception to adjust scenes, which can be done remotely if required.

IDWe supplied and installed the below:

  • New dedicated SP&N distribution board for the new lighting within the reception
  • New cabling, containment to all new lighting within the reception
  • 38 x 300mm RGBW LED light fittings
  • 4 x Dimmable Plaster In LED downlights (2 of which double up as emergency lighting)
  • 2 x Erco Quintessence 18W LED spotlights (again, both are Emergency battery backed up)
  • Casambi dimmer modules, relays and switches
  • Commissioned the Casambi System with the required scenes requested by Plaisteres Hall.

The job took a total of 2 weeks. Restrictions around Covid 19 meant that the access to site was staggered, therefore the first fix was completed in 2-3 days then there was a wait whilst the ceiling was installed and decorated. Once this was completed, the second fix of lighting took a further three days. Final commissioning (testing and setting scenes) took around 2 days.

Director of Plaisterers’ Hall Limited, Terry Wright said “At The Worshipful Company of Plaisterers, we had a clear concept of what lighting we wanted in our new highly decorative Entrance Hall Ceilings but no idea how to achieve it, if indeed it was possible.  IDWe immediately understood our needs, designed the solutions, co-ordinating their scheme of works with other trades throughout and produced a stunning result that ticked all of our boxes.  With the very latest app control systems IDWe installed we can now provide a wide variety of scenes for our many and varied clients.”


See the YouTube video of the Entrance Hall Upgrade.